Lynette E. Romig Joins Ott Consulting Inc.

Lynette E. Romig Joins Ott Consulting Inc. Senior GIS Analyst


Lynette E Romig 150x150 Lynette E. Romig Joins Ott Consulting Inc. Ott Consulting Inc. is pleased to announce that Lynette E. Romig has joined the firm as a Project Manager and Senior GIS [Geographic Information Systems] Analyst. Ms. Romig received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Government & Planning from West Chester University in 1986.


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 Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Romig was a Senior GIS Analyst for the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, where she assisted in planning for responsible management, growth and development of the Lehigh Valley. For over 20 years, she played a key role in introducing and establishing a functioning GIS to be utilized by all departments within the Commission, as well as compiling and mapping of data for local municipalities and watershed coalitions for various projects. In addition, she managed large sets of data, performed stormwater modeling and created presentation maps as well as numerous other GIS related services.


At Ott Consulting Inc., Ms. Romig will manage the firm’s GIS services and will focus on informing new and existing clients about the benefits of GIS in managing data, retrieving vital information and long range planning She will be available to Municipal Managers, administrators, Councils of Government and other officials to illustrate the benefits and application of a GIS for municipalities, as well as other entities, as a valuable and cost effective management and planning tool.

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 Jeffrey L. Ott, PE, MBA, President of Ott Consulting Inc. stated “Lynette is a fantastic addition to our firm. Lynette brings to our firm over 29 years of experience in planning and delivery of GIS services throughout the Lehigh Valley. She is an expert with a unique set of skills and vast experience in the field of GIS. We are thrilled to welcome her to our firm.”