OCI Now Has An In-House Drone Pilot-Benefits Clients

Reynold E. Petre, Executive VP of Ott Consulting, Inc.
Received his Airman Certificate For sUAS.

Ren 150x150 OCI Now Has An In House Drone Pilot Benefits Clients

Reynold E. Petre P.L.S.


Jeffrey Ott, President of Ott Consulting, Inc. in Emmaus, PA stated, “In September of 2016, Reynold E. Petre, P.L.S., Executive Vice President of Ott Consulting Inc. (OCI), received his Airman Certificate for Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) commonly known as drone. OCI now has an in-house sUAS pilot, authorized under FAA regulation Part 107, to operate a sUAS to meet the growing needs of our clients.”



Mr. Ott continued, “The technology is available for applications such as:

  • Topographic survey
  • Inspections
  • Stockpile volumes
  • Aerial site photos from any angle
  • Documenting and measuring sites from an aerial perspective
  • 3D models from drone images
  • Photogrammetry for virtual inspection
  • Realistic 3D mesh models of buildings and property
  • Accurate, georeferenced elevations maps
  • Importing data into your GIS workflow
  • Marketing photos and videos of potential development sites, construction sites and real estate for sale

The potential for use in land development is very exciting. From up to date aerial photography for zoning hearings and feasibility studies through permitting and construction, Ott Consulting will be employing aerial photography via sUAS to better support our valuable clients through all phases of land development.”

Remaining on the cutting edge and looking to the future with new technologies…contact Reynold Petre at Ott Consulting, Inc. at 610-928-4690 x13 or rpetre@otteng.com for a demonstration.

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Ren OCI Now Has An In House Drone Pilot Benefits Clients
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OCI now has an in-house sUAS pilot
Ott Consulting of Emmaus PA now has an in-house drone pilot, authorized to operate a sUAS to meet the growing needs of our clients.
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